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  Center Parcs - Sherwood, Longleat, Whinfel, Elvenden, Woburn
During the time we have had the laser equipment we have had no technical issues. They are the most reliable set of guns we have ever had! Participants LOVE the equipment. We now use this state of the art equipment across all five Center Parc villages.

Mark Cumberpatch
Outdoor Activity Centre Supervisor
Bluestone Resorts Ltd
We are very happy with the kit as it's the best I have ever used and I have seen various types. We use the MP 5 version of the guns here at Bluestone Resorts in Pembrokeshire and have been very impressed with them they look great and are very realistic, its a great hit with our guests and the guns have a multitude of settings to add to the game play we are currently looking into expanding with new accessories from yourselves.

Tom Davies
Outdoor Senior Supervisor
The Celtic Mano rResort

  The Celtic Manor Resort
A 5 Star activity for our 5 star resort. The new laser guns have been a great addition to our ever expanding activity program providing a fantastic experience for our guests.
With an average 90% occupancy it is one of our most profitable activities. The equipment and after sales service provided is second to none.

James Mattinson
Leisure and Activities Manager
The Celtic Manor Resort
Adrenalin Jungle Ltd,. - Nottingham
At the Adrenalin Jungle Ltd we take kit investment very seriously, having researched the market place for a Laser tag set up we took the decision to equip our activity centre with the Razor tagging system, the equipment has performed over and above our expectations in both ruggedness and functionality. It has got to be one of the best investments we have made in the past few years with guest feedback being very good for all ages from 8 years right through to the adults. I would have no hesitation in recommending the equipment to other activity sites and am happy to be contacted if people wish to know more.

Don Logan

  Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields - Doncaster
We have used the kit supplier as sole supplier of our Laser Taggers since we added laser tag to our venue 4 years ago. I have been extremely happy with the equipment and the service provided throughout this time and in particular the very professional and attentive manner in which they have supported our growth within the laser tag community. I would happily recommend them and I'm sure we will continue to enjoy a good relationship with them over the coming years.

Karl Broadbent
Operation Laser Tag - Yorkshire
Operation Laser Tag was one of the first businesses in the UK to invest in laser tag games to run alongside our paintball business. We have been using the equipment from the early analogue¯ days and were one of the first companies in the UK to operate the digital equipment. My only regret is that I didn't start using laser tag equipment 10 years ago, but the quality equipment that they produce was not available then. In the 5 years we have been operating laser tag games we have had very few faults with the equipment and any problems we have encountered have been rapidly solved by them. I can highly recommend the equipment and if you are in any doubt you are welcome to visit Operation Laser Tag and see a successful business in operation.

Steve Bull

  BattleZone Live
I have been using MP5 guns now for nearly a year now, I was going to go with another company but found the suppliers of the MP5 more professional in their business ethics.

I run a small site in Hastings playing with 22 guns so need every gun to be working all the time because I run games 7 days a week, for 8 hours a day. The guns are made to the highest standard and are rock solid.

If you are looking for laser guns to use for your business don't bother looking anywhere else, these are the best guns on the market, they look the best, because they are the best.

Brian Guy
Sabotage Laser - Milton Keynes
After extensive research some years ago I was on the point of purchasing our first Outdoor Laser kit. I attended a UKPSF conference, saw their range of kit...I tore up all my research as it was a no brainer; it had to be this kit or nothing! The other kit just doesn't compare. The result of this is that we have developed a very happy client base of laser players that continues to grow year after year. With the outstanding kit and excellent service we receive I would highly recommend them.

Paul Skone
Managing Director


  Red House Farm
I just wanted to let you know that we had our first laser party yesterday afternoon and all 18 children (aged 10) had the most fabulous time. The equipment worked like a dream and the kids loved the guns. The mother who booked the party was extremely happy (in fact going to write a testimonial) and I have now wondered what I have unleashed! I think this is going to work in a bigger way than we can imagine!

Jonny Hewitt MSC
Director of Fun & Chaos
Gladiator Sports - Netherlands
We have been using the equipment for two years on our Paintball and Laser parc and are very pleased with the quality of the product. It has give us a good alternative for customers who don't want to play Paintball or are under aged to do so. Due to the durability and reliability of the laser guns, our decision to go for the new kits has proven to be a very good choice.

Sintio James Hope
The largest Paintball and Laser parc in the Netherlands


Lazer Wars North East
We thought long and hard having undertaken extensive research before committing to one supplier for our equipment needs. We chose it because when we tried it we found it to be versatile, easy to use and extremely robust, We particularly liked the friendly no pressure approach, they have first class knowledge and experience of the industry. Our faith has not been unfounded and the support and service we have received has been second to none. On the very rare occasion that we have had a problem with our equipment it has been very quickly on hand with practical solutions or a fast return to base solution. In short I would highly recommend the equipment together with the service and support provided by this company.

Nathan Beadle
Managing Director

Wild Woodz Paintball - Fortrose, Scotland
Ok so we've had them 10 days or so now and I wanted to give you some feedback. BRILLIANT. If you have any potential customers wavering on which product to buy don't hesitate to put them on to me for an independent point of view. It is so much better than the other manufacturers kit we were using in every single way. Set up is quicker, running games is simpler and easier, changing games is simpler and easier. The admin mode gives my refs complete control over a group and they're quicker to pack away. They also seem more robust than the kit we had recently bought from another manufacturer; so I already suspect they'll be massively lower maintenance and more reliable. For the first time ever on my site yesterday and adult group played laser and came off saying "That was better than paintball". Normally adults say - 'lets do paintball next time' or they appreciate that they're different activities. Kids love the shield mode and the ricochet noises. I'm very very happy (probably one of the best business decisions I've ever made to admit I got it wrong first time and act). I'll be back for more as soon as funds allow
Dave Elliott
  Full Swing Entertainment - Northern Ireland
Reykjavik - Iceland  
  I have used the equipment since I started in the laser tag business in 2007. I researched the market extensively before committing to such a big purchase and believed them to be the best due to their flexibility ie indoor/outdoor use, power and the range of options and extras available to enhance game play. I have not been disappointed: they are durable and I have just recently purchased an additional 18 guns and upgraded the codes on my old guns. The equipment is sturdy and made to last for years exactly what you need in this game!!

Ronnie McClelland
We have been using the equipment at our outdoor activity centre near Reykjavik for over two years and we have been impressed with the reliability and performance of the kit. Certainly a good investment.

Inga Litbolti


National Paintball Games - Uttoxeter
  Big Dunks Paintball - Bodmin, Cornwall
I started with 10 xm-22's almost 4 years ago and quickly found that everyone who played really enjoyed themselves and started to get lots of repeat customers as well as referrals, I now have 26 taggers and the original 10 are still working fine and importantly still look almost like new with just a wipe off needed between games. I especially like the ability to change the settings on the taggers between games and the customers really like the way they can go from a semi-auto with only 10 rounds per clip to fully-auto with unlimited ammo without much break between games and cloning the taggers is easy. Changing the settings is very important to keep the customers coming back for more. The taggers are really robust and I am very pleased with the way the have performed and stood up to the job and would recommend them.

Duncan Sandercock

I am writing to express my sincere thanks, for the fast, professional service we have received. The lasers are the best investment we have made, they are high quality, durable guns and have proved very popular to our customers, not only do they bring in new business, but they also bring lots of repeat business as people find them so much fun.

Jamie Pagett


  Galloway Activity Centre - Castle Douglas
Galloway Activity Centre has been using the equipment for 4 years and now has 26 taggers. They are a huge hit with customers and account for over 40% of bookings. The equipment is rugged, reliable and most importantly, easy to use what other activity can 3 generations play at the same time? The only problem is keeping the staff off them!

Outdoor Activities Manager
Survival Outdoor Laser Games - Barnstable
I have had  laser guns since May 2006, the quality and workmanship into this equipment is fantastic, had very few problems with them considering the how relentlessly they are used and abused. This equipment is very good and reliable. Top of the range as far as I am concerned.

Brian Moore

  Laser Adventure Sports - Belgium
I am into the lasertag business for about 6 years now.
Since 1.5 years I am using the MP5 and we have never had better guns than these ! Guns always perform, shoot straight, also in our European weather, with rain, snow... We also have their medic boxes and flag stations on site, which work beautifully. These guns are so good we need less staff, so it is cost effective.
The service is also tops! We have at the moment some 30 guns and will order some more in the near future. Keep up the good work.

Eddy Jordens



The Dangerzone Ltd - Sheffield
I run the Dangerzone in Sheffield, a 200 gun paintball site with around 100 acres of woodland. I was looking for an extra income with the laser equipment and a way to get the kids and schools on site. After looking around with all the different company's and equipment on the market, Why did a chose this particular company and kit? I wanted a gun which could withstand the rigors of being knocked and dropped around a wood; you know it's going to happen unfortunately!! After 18 years in paintball I know that kit needs servicing and parts do break whatever you buy. I needed to know I can get back up when I need it and  I know it's just a phone call away. Would I buy the kit again; then the answer is yes. I have bought more and will be buying more this year.

Chris Chappell


  Headhunters Combat Laser Games - Chippenham
Having started laser tag in 1994 for the adult/teenager market I decided to invest in new equipment in May 2010 for the younger age group. Apart from reliability being one of the main considerations, the equipment had to ‘look the part’ and in this respect, the equipment excelled. 20 months down the line, I have found the equipment to be very robust and popular with participants who think the MP5 is brilliant to look at and to use.

If problems occur they are easily fixed on either a return to base, ultra quick turnaround or if needed, by sending a spare part the following day.
I am happy to recommend the equipment to any prospective laser tag operator.

Brian Cox
Crackshots Lasertag & Paintball - Exeter
We purchased our first batch of lasertag equipment over 5 years ago and I am delighted to say that the same equipment is still in constant daily use. The kit has proved very reliable and a first class investment blending in perfectly with our paintball business.

Martin Tickner


  Head of Stubbers Adventure Centre - Essex
We had been looking at laser tag for years but we struggled to find equipment robust enough for our outdoor activity centre. We discovered the equipment Center Parcs were using and invited  the makers of the kit to come over to demonstrate the kit at our venue. We were very impressed not only with the quality and durability of the equipment but with the professional help we received in setting out our playing area. Laser tag is now our most popular activity at Stubbers Adventure Centre.

Bob Edwards

Scotkart - Glasgow
The equipment has proved to be very popular with the players. People love the realistic look and feel of the MP5 carbine units we purchased. We love the different gameplay settings when used with the digital game boxes and Domination Game. For recreating Call of Duty there is nothing to touch them and the service and support provided has been first rate. Highly recommended!

Stewart Matthews


  Grahame Robb & Associates Ltd.
Appointed event organisers for the DeVere Hotel Group.
We have worked with the company in setting up our new Woodland Lasers at Wokefield Park near Reading. They have been a pleasure to work with and have been most supportive with their useful tips and contacts. The equipment is terrific.
Grahame Robb
Managing Director Unique Outdoors
Kanoberderij de Reusel - The Netherland
We purchased our MP5 units one year ago and have had no problems whatsoever. The customers love the kit and lasertag is now our most popular activity. We find the players enjoy the accuracy and the setting changes we can apply to the guns. Our conclusion is that the purchase of the equipment was a good business decision. Keep up the good work.

Soraya Schut

  OVAC Adventure Centre – Kidderminster Worcestershire.
We’ve been using the equipment here at the OVAC Adventure Centre since 2006 and been delighted with the results. The guns have evolved over the years into a stylish tagging unit and the company have always been there for technical support and advice. Looking forward to any new developments.”

Bill Brown
Outdoor lasergames Tilburg - The Netherlands
We have been using the equipment now for more than two years and I can say its the best decision ever. The kit works perfect even in rainy weather. Young and old people like to play outdoor lasergames.
We had good support and technical services. Don´t look any further these guns are really the best you can get.

Geert Aarts.
Uitspanning De Zeven Geitjes
     Combat Laser Tag - Ireland  
  DSPaintball - France Combat Laser Tag - Ireland  
  At DSPaintball we are particularly delighted to have invested in the equipment of Lasertag. We work with the units MP5 and are impressed by the quality and the possibilities of this equipment. We plan to invest this year to fill even more the customers.

Demont Sébastien
We are delighted with the equipment we purchased and have already purchased further units. The after sales service has been excellent and we really appreciated the help with field set up and game strategy

Lloyd & Molly Williams – Owners of Hidden Valley Holiday Park, IRELAND.
  Ultimate Laser Games - East Grinstead, Sussex  Mobile Combat Events   
  Ultimate Laser Games - East Grinstead, Sussex  Mobile Combat Events    
  "After meeting with the company in 2010 we were certain these were the best of the laser tagger technology and after 3 years were still just as impressed with them every time we run a session. The taggers are accurate, look the part and are very robust. Well worth the investment!"

Tom Harnett  
Before I started my laser tag business I spoke to many different providers and found none gave me the support a novice needed. The guys gave me a lot of advice on how to get organised and the sale and support was excellent . Over the past 18 months I have found them to be professional friendly, knowledgeable and efficient with all my concerns and queries. I cannot recommend them highly enough as they are a quality outfit.

Rob Martin, MBA, Ba Hons, PGCE 
  Rye House Laser Coimbat  Team Laser-Mayhem  
  Rye House Laser Combat Team Laser-Mayhem   
  They have been nothing short of a pleasure to work with and communication are top notch. There are no delays in trying to contact them and we were even provided with a mobile number, which goes to show just how personal their service can be!
We have had minimal problems with the guns over the past 3 years and the ability to adjust the settings so freely has made our company one of the best in the UK.

Rye House Laser Combat team!
Harley Waite
Tel: 01992 460895
Laser-Mayhem opened in Mar 2013 and is operated by Ex Soldiers and already it has taken over all other outdoor activities as the number one in the Isle of Man. Thanks to the real look and feel of the equipment means our customers keep coming back time and again. The weaponry and ancillary equipment are very robust, straight forward to use and easy to maintain. Our company initially set up with 22 weapons but due to popularity and a quick return of investment we have been able to steadily build our armoury in year one to 30 weapons.

Carl Underwood
Managing Director
Tel: 07624 234 555  
  Christ's Hospital CCF  
  We have made huge use of the taggers and are delighted with what they add to our activities. We have used them so often that I can't believe it is a year since we purchased them. They are everything that you promised in terms of robustness, ease of use etc. I keep trying to find additional funds in our budget to get a few more, but I think we will have to wait another year before we extend our supplies.

Christ's Hospital CCF
Lt A H Goddard | Adjt | Christ's Hospital CCF


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