Combat Laser Games Kent is proud to provide the latest weaponry and technology for our customers, 
guaranteeing the best laser tag experience ever.

Our guns are on a whole different level! 
They’re prototyped, designed, and built in-house….  by us!
And tested in the forest (our forest!)

Our guns are packed full of Fortnite / Call of Duty style games. They include shields, respawns, multi-ammo modes, even a zombie mode if you’re feeling brave enough. 
They talk to you during the game ensuring you know how much armour and ammo you have left.

Plus, they’re super strong and they’re light, so light they’re easy to use for even the youngest players.
(unlike many other centres who still use heavy, old-fashioned equipment)  

Whether it is your next birthday party, corporate team-building exercise or other activities,
our experienced field marshalls, combined with our awesome weapons mean we have what it takes to create a truly memorable experience.

The world’s most advanced Laser Tagger

Weapon grade polymer

For maximum strength, durability and super lightweight

interactive on screen Display

Showing you real time information about ammo levels hits and more

precision red-dot scope

Built in technology means the connection between gun and scope is flawless enabling a very high level of accuracy

shoulder rest

Optional shoulder rest depending on your style, stealthy and accurate or removed for fast paced action