Laser Tag vs Paintball vs Airsoft vs Gellyball:

Who will come out on top?

The only thing harder than taking the hit of a paintball, is deciding whether to cap off the week with a bit of Airsoft, Laser Tag, Paintball or Gellysoft.

Each hardcore hobby offers its own unique experience, and choosing which one to throw yourself into will boil down to how much pain can you handle, how old you are, what’s in your wallet and how wild you’re willing to get… 

First up....Paintball

Paintball. The bigger the bruise the bigger the bragging rights. This game is not for the weak-minded, but is surprisingly the most popular of the four options. That’s a lot of brave soldiers. Paintball involves physical contact when hit with the spherical capsule of paint, breaking upon impact and marking the player, eliminating them. You must purchase your paintball ammunition, which can end up on the pricey side.

Paintball can cause bruises and bashes; but no bleeding! And this all adds to the excitement of the game. Just like the movies; the higher the stakes, the better the thrill. Aimed at all ages, Paintball is easy to pick up and play with the mates, a bulletproof choice.

It's Airsoft's turn...

Airsoft is the older, more serious brother of the Paintball. He’s got the military gun, the gloves and the gear; and he’s in uniform. Airsoft prides itself on using authentic replicas of existing firearms, adding to the realism of the game. But instead of bullets, they shoot 6mm plastic BB pellets. 

Popular amongst the military and law enthusiasts, Airsoft offers realistic combat with its camouflage costumes and choice of realistic guns, and is similar in price to paintball with the purchasing of ammo and protective gear. 

A brilliant choice if you’re older and the competitive type, and you want to go to war on your weekends. But if your friends prefer to avoid the seriousness after five days in the office, Paintball is the safest bet… so far.


Now some Gellyball...

Imagine paintball, but with squishy, water-based gel balls instead of paint, making it perfect for all ages to enjoy, bruise-free! Due to its family-friendly nature, Gellyball is loved mostly by the kids and makes a killer birthday party; like a water fight on a sunny Saturday, plastic guns included.

Considerably cheaper than both Airsoft and Paintball, but if we’re honest, they’re in completely different ballparks… 

And finally... Laser Tag

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t just a game of tag. Harnessing the power of new exciting technology, laser tag involves firing infrared beams that are detected by the sensors integrated into the combat vests, and is therefore cheaper than those games involving physical balls and bullets. 

Unlike Airsoft, Paintball and Gellyball, Laser tag involves no physical contact and no pain-penalty, making it super safe for the little ones. But it doesn’t end there; the adults are in for a shock.

Combat Laser Games specifically offers “hyper-shock”, a safe electric-shock technology for over 16s that will electrify the game and intensify the stakes. You might even involve both the kids and the adults; we are sure they’d get a kick out of hyper-shocking their teachers and parents.

Standard laser tag

Hyper Shock

Combat Laser Tag

A Winner Emerges...

If Airsoft is the eldest, Paintball the middle child and Gellysoft youngest, Laser Tag is the cool cousin that shows them all up. A perfect middle ground that brings the physical intensity, realistic combat and shock-factor, and delivers that BANG for your buck.

Depending on your own personal preferences, each game delivers a unique and unforgettable experience , but most importantly, guns. 

 Give them all a shot. No, literally.