Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Step into a realm where adrenaline rushes and strategic thinking collide—a world of laser tag. Laser tag is an exhilarating, futuristic game that combines technology, teamwork, and pure, energetic fun. Whether you’re a seasoned laser tag enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this blog will take you on a journey through the exciting world of Combat Laser Games, exploring the rules, strategies, and the unforgettable experiences created.

The Basics

To become a pro at anything, you need to first know and understand ‘the basics’. Laser Tag technology has come on leaps and bounds since the days of playing in dark, stuffy, and sweaty buildings with small teams, heavy vests and minimal space to run and hide. With decades of development under our belts, we now have guns with a whopping three hundred metre range, allowing players to spread far and wide while still eliminating their opponents. Thanks to this awesome innovation we can 

Gameplay Basics

Laser tag is essentially a high-tech version of tag, played in teams or individually, depending on the game format. Players are equipped with handheld infrared-emitting devices, commonly referred to as laser guns or phasers. The primary objective is to tag opposing players by “shooting” them with the laser beam while avoiding being tagged yourself. Each player wears a sensor or target on their body that registers hits. The game typically takes place in a specially designed arena with obstacles and hiding spots.

Game Formats

Laser tag offers a variety of game formats to suit different preferences and skill levels. Some popular formats include:

  1. Team Deathmatch: Players are divided into two or more teams, and the objective is to eliminate members of the opposing team by tagging them with laser shots.

  2. Capture the Flag: Teams compete to capture the opponent’s flag while defending their own. It’s a strategic game that requires teamwork and coordination.

  3. Free-for-All: In this format, every player is on their own, competing against all others. The player with the most tags or the last player standing wins.

  4. Base Assault: Teams aim to infiltrate the opponent’s base and deactivate their “base station” while defending their own. It’s a mix of strategy and fast-paced action.