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Adventure Sports kit offers so many variations that it is only your imagination that limits your creativity.
Having said this some features will be core to your more regular settings. 

  • To adjust these settings please click on the link below to a series of videos which covers most new customer initial questions.

  • IMPORTANT select in numerical order from Procode 1 to 4B.

  • Do not click on the Impulse videos as these are for different equipment.

  • The videos are well explained and will help you if you want to learn the settings.

  • You can of course always contact us at Adventure Sports if you have a question.
(If you have any trouble finding the video's on this link cut and paste it into the address bar)

In addition to the information given in the videos please also take note of the following:-

  • Do not exceed the 60% Outdoor setting without consulting Adventure Sports first.

  • Adventure Sports provide new units with the hitlights staying on for a maximum of four minutes after a player is eliminated. I advise against altering the setting so as they stay on permanently as this will put a higher drain on the battery. If you need to have them on all the time it is not a problem but do keep an eye on your battery level.

  • The part covering "Death Delay" is not properly explained on the video. The "Death Delay" would be the time you would allow for a player to reach a digital medic box after being shot out to pick up extra health points and carry on with the game. If you do not have Medic Boxes then leave this setting at 00.00.

  • This is where to buy scope batteries. 



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